Monday, May 19, 2008

Waiting on laundry

Otherwise I won't have clean clothes for work in the morning... And if some of this doesn't make sense, I say it'd because it'd 1:30am and I have to get up for work again at 6. Enjoy

I could be called many things... Huggy, a "cuddler", clingy, sometimes obsessive, whipped, and (my favorite) chivalrous almost to the point of being handicapped by it.

Huggy and cuddling I can bundle up together. That's just how I roll. Even in high school I have generally been with my very hug-oriented and low-personal-space group of friends. I have no problems being physically close to people and I think if I were forced to physically avoid others I'd go a touch more crazy than I already may be. Hugs may not be some all-curing panacea but I bet 95% of the time they'd help a situation somehow.

I have an addictive personality. Fortunately this is balanced by fits of laziness so I don't latch onto anything that floats past me. However when I do get hooked into something (maybe I don't know, like WoW or way back in the day Pokemon) I really tend to lose myself in what I'm doing. For example, I totally acknowledge my addiction to World of Warcraft. I have sort of sidelined people at times for it, for which I apologize and have tried to get better with. Most people who know me well enough will get a kick out of the fact that I have been sans WoW for a few days now and have been so bored I don't know what to do with myself (I miss my phans!).
On the bright side I also "obsess" over my friends. I've been told a couple times by different people that I may be frustrating because I will stand up to a friend and call them out when they go too far but that I will also be the one to stand up for that same person when no one else will.
I may take a ton of crap from someone and then let them know exactly what I think about it but when all is said and done I will be more likely to defend that person than just about anyone.

In conjunction with clingy/obsessive... Am I "whipped" in relationships? Heck, I'm whipped even when I'm not in a relationship, but in one? You'd better believe i am. Will/Do I get made fun of? Wouldn't surprise me. Am I a bit more willing to please someone I care about than I should be? I could see the case being made and probably not refute it too well. But will the person I'm with have any doubts whatsoever about how much I care about them? Will a friend, girlfriend, and eventually wife ever question the lengths to which I would go for them? Absolutely not. Maybe it's a bit archaic and unrealistic but I try and act like every relationship I'm in could be "it" because unless I try and see the ending I want as a possibility, why bother even trying? After all, how can you know if you love someone completely, without reservation, with every part of you, if you never try? And no I don't want that whole "really really liking someone and it makes perfectly logical sense to be together" speech, although if that's how it happens then awesome. I just don't want that to be the ending point. Go ahead and take a Dr. Cox moment to call me a girl's name and mock my masculinity but when I kiss my wife someday I want one of those fairy tale, fireworks-blazing, rose-petals-back-on-the-magic-flower, bring-you-back-from-the-dead-in-front-of-seven-midgets, knock-your-socks-off-through-your-shoes kisses. Maybe it's selfish but I want one of those moments where afterwards you can look her in the eyes and all you can say is "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!" Is it unrealistic? Of course. Am I gonna waste away looking for that moment to come to me? No. But one thing is for sure, it'll never happen unless I am trying to hit that fairy tale level of loving someone and go past it. Frankly, having grown up with my parents as an example, anything less would be a disappointment.

And yes, i do have a bit of a chivalrous streak. Blame Papa, although I'm sure my grandparents played a role in there too somewhere. Blaming Papa is easier though cuz he's closer.


Lunchbox said...

I love you.

And yes you have a problem...your a hopeless romantic. It's okay...we are all a little bit. Some more than others, and some are more careless with it.

It's okay though, I'll never leave you pookie.

Mama D said...

It's okay to be a hopeless romantic. I think most girls want that masculine hunk, but they also want him to be an incurable romantic who will sweep them off their feet. Someday you will find the woman who is the perfect fit. You know, someone who can stand to put up with your addiction and laziness, as well as your chivalry and positive obsession. And she will know without any doubts how you feel. And speaking from experience, that trust and devotion is what love is all about!

Papa D said...

In this area, you couldn't do better than to emulate your old man. In others . . .

When it clicks, it will click - and it will click. I'm sure of that. Just remember, the relationship can be perfect even the individuals - and the individual moments - aren't.

Dancer09 said...

that was probably the sweetest thing i've read since twilight.. and if you make fun of me because i just said that i will seriously buy a whip and send it to you for christmas when you're on your mission..

and then i'll repent.. :) love you!