Monday, May 5, 2008


Can't shake it.
Stuck with it.
Getting weighed down by little things.
Not caring enough about big things.
Letting chances slip by.
Confused, lost, unsure, but don't care anyway.
Walking is annoying.
Dealing with certain people gets harder and harder each day.
Don't want to sleep.
Don't want to be productive.

I'd find myself again but that would be adding so much more to what I'm already being buried under...
And I don't even know if I'd like what I found when I started looking.


Papa D said...

Excellently written, son. We'll talk.

Mama D said...

I agree; this is excellently written. The emotion is palpable.

I wish I'd seen this earlier... Hugs to you, and as always, lots of love and prayers.