Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Don't die of shock from the sudden burst of activity...

2 days and 3 posts! Oh noes!

I just think this is absolutely hilarious and wanted to share.

And yes I have changed just about everything at least a little... Try not to be too surprised.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Not easy, but worth it.

Most of you know that I plan on leaving for my mission this summer. I'll be gone for 2 years, I don't know where yet, and unable to facebook/text message/etc. Hopefully I'll be able to get emails out to everyone and I'll still have good old snail mail.

Say whatever you want here, support, questions, disagreement, etc. or ask/talk to me in person.

Busy again, but not entirely bad

First off, some good news: Auditioned for One-Act plays last night and got 4 callbacks! Bad part is that I have a midterm tonight so will have to rush from class to callbacks and gonna be up late working on stuff.

Second, dork news: Colbert Nation is doing great! 1st guild run of Kara down and got it about half done. Big grats to Jason for picking up some nice new purples! Also, new Smash Bros is out and AMAZING! Already getting whined to about how much better my favorite character is "so overpowered and unfair" even though it's much easier to kill Metaknight with Pit than vice-versa. Lunchbox, would you vote in favor of less QQ?

Third, misc. stuff: Gonna be incredibly swamped as writing for the play winds down. Just got a paper back for a class i loathe (critical thinking, questioning, and reasoning) with a D on it, although I was told explicitely that my reasoning and writing was almost flawless. When transferring from notebook or whatever it is I wrote the paper on into Word apparently double space wanted to be retarded so the spacing got all wonky. That and not citing in text what I put in the works cited page (the info takes up 2 paragraphs about a page long all told, and I can't stand when people use trite intro phrases as a means of introducing the same source over and over)... So basically I'm learning that perfect content with questionable format is "D" material. Fortunately there is a rewrite so I can fix all the stuff that happened. Guess for the citation I'll just have to pretend like I'm not an English major who knows what he's doing and make it sound like another run-of-the-mill, half-assed paper only written to appease. Although since I cant stand the class appeasing is all I'm really doing anyway.