Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How do words even exist?

I've been trying to get to this for a while but every time I do I just get so frustrated because I don't know how to even begin saying what I want the words to mean. But since it'll bug me til judgment day if I don't... here goes, as far as words that come to mind will allow me to say.

Face it Lunchbox. I love you in the most a)heterosexual, b)masculine, c)high-five-after, d)soul-owning, e)borderline-unspoken-questions-of-sexuality-in-tender-moments,
f)fraternal-to-friends, g)unbelievably-queer-to-strangers way possible.
Now to explain...

a) neither of us are gay and we can both prove it numerous times. you more than me but that is entirely beside the point.
b) we can both grow facial hair, although you by far have the most magnificent mane I've ever seen
c) nothing is gay if you sincerely high five after. and we do.
d) you do in fact own multiple pieces of my soul. WoW being the largest as it consumed a massive chunk of my free time, cost a decent bit of funding, led to computer upgrades, accelerated the collapse of a bad relationship (thank you Blizzard), kept me from collapsing out of sheer boredom and loneliness during breaks where I was the only one on campus for a week, and was more fun than beating alex at smash brothers and yugioh (yes i'm a huge nerd, we know this, move it along). there is also the cheesecake factory and an entirely separate list but it's not nearly as relevant as the almost 2 years I spent playing WoW
e) yep. i've totally spooned with you... and picked a different tune every day to bump your chair to (starting with Good King Wenceslas, and yes I checked the spelling). good times.
f) you really are the closest thing to family I have for 8 and a half hours and 5 states while I'm in Rock Hill. You look out for me, chill with me, tank for me, roll your eyes at Alex when I can't because he's looking at me, talk to me about just about everything, and most frequently give me a place to crash.
g) yep. I may have hugged you in public in a not entirely Man-Law-kosher way. I may have lovingly scratched your beard in the grocery store on a number of occasions. I may have also smacked your butt and said "good game" in a very nice restaurant. for any random bystanders we may have looked like spelunking buddies on more than one occasion, but that's fine by me cuz we know whats really going down.

Of the things I will miss the most on my mission you are easily within the top 2. I love your honesty about not wanting me to go but the way you are willing to support me enough to not get hypocritically malignant about me living my life (no one we know I assure you >_>) and sacrificing for something that I believe will only make me stronger and help set the rest of my entire life in order. It will be unbelievably hard to wake up and not be able to bear hug you, stroke the glory of your facial majesty, or touch the mango. However, I have no intentions whatsoever of losing touch with you at all, both while I am off in Fuzzy Wuzzy Land or after I get back. I have too much less-than-three for you to let you go that easily.

After all, you promised me my own islands when you got sick of humanity and were able to access the right stuff to fix the problem. Don't think I'll forget.


Papa D said...

I need a Kleenex. *sniff, sniff*

Seriously, thanks for taking care of my son. I really do appreciate it.

Mama D said...

Ryan, you came up with some descriptive words. You said this quite well, after all.

Lunchbox, thanks for being there for my son. It made those 8.5 hours and 5 states much easier to handle... You know, from a mama's perspective.

The Hotel is always open, whether Mrmn is on his mission or here or there...

Lunchbox said...

Wow...I do not even know how to react. Other than, in the short amount of time we spent, you have become one of the best friends I've ever had. Hence my stubbornness in letting you go :(. The whole reason I even ever had any bias with mormonism is because Biggie left and isn't here anymore. Now it seems the church claims another. I've always tried to never be mean, or to ever push you down. 90% of the time I'm usually joking with you or giving you constructive advice. I know this is a hard decision for you, and i know that it's a big part of your life. I want you to be happy, and perhaps in the midst of that my selfishness clouded that. I'm just gonna miss you. Coming into the living room and seeing you there every night got me through the semester. I always had you to talk too, to joke around with, to just have as a friend.
I want you to enjoy yourself, to have a good time, and most of all to gain a whole crap load of karma points ;p. Keep in touch as much as possible, notify me of where you are, when you'll be back, etc. I want to find you and /spoon you the second you get back. I'm sorry for all the times I made it any harder on you, I know you have enough pressure from people like Alex. I only ever meant much aloha.

God Speed Mrmn...

Mama D said...

LB, I know you want what's best for Ryan. You have been a true friend. Thanks for being there for him.

It's hard to let go of one's own selfishness. That's one of the biggest reasons I had a hard time with Ryan coming home over Christmas or summer and then spending all his time on WoW, etc. That was his connection to y'all in SC and it was a much stronger pull than being with family again... I selfishly wanted him to spend more time with us before he grew up and left "for real." But his heart was still there with you guys. We all learn how to handle our selfish tendencies and try to let them go for the benefit of others... even when it's hard on us.

Don't worry - he will be back to haunt you! The biggest difference will be in him not being there in person, ie: pretending to live in your dorm room instead of his own... lol

Lunchbox said...


now the living room will be so empty..and home for no wow-addicts...


IndianaJane456 said...

haha a LB homage?? you really are lovers i swear ;)

i wish i could have seen you more this semester! it sucks being old and busy :( but when i did get to see you i liked it. especially in steak and shake! lol throwback i know. anyways, it sucks that you won't be here when i get back and will actually HAVE time to see people other than students i tutor and idiots who can't work computer lab computers. but like i said GIVE ME YOUR ADDY once you get there and you will get plenty of usps lovin :)

gonna miss you guy...take care and write me! you'll need something to replace your WoW addiction :P